Writing Entry # 3

Directions for Writing Entry Three:
Choose a crafting technique you would like to focus on for your writing entry.  You are NOT describing the crafting technique.  Remember, you are creating examples that you may use in your future classroom as examples for your students, so you may want to select a crafting technique you know you would use in your future class or select the one you struggle with as a writer so you can practice. 
In your writer’s notebook, list the crafting technique or skill and show how you would use that technique or skill in your own writing.  You are creating your own example; you are NOT copying an example you found.  An example of a crafting technique is a recurring line like in the song “Row, row, row your boat.” This line is repeated several times in the song. It makes the song interesting. So in my writing example, I would create an original piece of writing where I would use a recurring line.  I may write about how I hate to clean the house, but enjoy it once it’s done.  My recurring line that repeats may be something like, “Clean, clean, everything clean! (You are not allowed to use the crafting technique of recurring line for your example since it was provided as an example here.)

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The post Writing Entry # 3 appeared first on Savvy Essay Writers.

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